So - why should you be #trainedbyeleanor? The answer is simple - you'll see quick results, you'll have fun and you'll feel great. When we train I won't just be your PT, I'll be your partner, from the warm up, through the sweat-zone, right through to the other side. I'd love to train you outdoors, but if you're happier in a gym, no sweat! (not literally). 

I use HIIT, Tabata and Circuit training methods a lot in my sessions, as well as body and added weight. These methods are proven to increase your fitness, leanness and keep you on your toes throughout. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up or simply improve your running fitness, an hour on the treadmill isn't the way to go. By adding intensity and speed to your workouts, I'll get you those results you've been craving. That's a promise.

If you'd like to share your sessions with a partner or friend, you'll get a few bob off each time. If you're in an office and you and your colleagues are after a pre-work workout, we can head to the park to start the day the right way. If you're just visiting but don't want to let your regime slide, I'm happy to take you through a one-off session. You can call or text me any time, day or night, if you need motivation to head off on a run or some ideas for a healthy breakfast. Your first consultation is free with no obligation. I even bring homemade treats as an end-of-session reward!