My Day

I always start the day with a glass of water, then depending on how early my first client is I’ll follow up with a bulletproof latte. PT work changes all the time – until recently I was working mainly Monday-Friday but currently the bulk of my work is Thursday – Sunday – not a job for those who like routine! I train where I can, usually in the afternoon, and always take my dogs out for 1.5-2 hours come rain or shine. If I don’t have evening clients or classes, I love to make dinner for Ben or see friends – again depending on how early I’ve had to get up that day!

My Fitness

I try and exercise 5-6 times a week, mainly strength training, boxing/kickboxing, running, swimming in summer and my metcon class Thursday mornings without fail. I’ve been trying and failing to get into yoga/pilates for a long time but thus far haven’t managed to squeeze it in, might make it my new years resolution for 2019! I’ll pretty much try anything active; rock-climbing, tennis, if its’ sweaty I’ll enjoy it. The only thing I really can’t do is run for too long – my body just isn’t designed for it.

My Food

I currently follow a strict pescatarian + dairy free diet, also omitting squid, octopus, crab + lobster.  I’d love to quit either eggs or fish next (I was vegan for 3 years and would like to move back into it at some point, but it’s a touch diet to follow with my lifestyle) but for now this diet is definitely helping me feel the best I’ve ever felt. I’ve got a huge sweet tooth and would happily put away chocolate all day long if I could. Coffee + beer are my other two vices.

My Job

Becoming a PT is without doubt the best decision I ever made. Yes it’s tough physically, emotionally and financially, but seeing a client work hard, enjoy a session and slowly but surely seeing results makes every early start and late finish work it. There is honestly no other career I can see myself in – unless a piglet-petting-chocolate-taster role is going somewhere? LMK if you hear of anything.

My Philosophy

Coming into my third year in the fitness industry has taught me so much about how I want my life to be. Time started moving so much quicker after I hit 30 and I realised I wanted to get as much out of life as I could. I think communication about diet + exercise is always extremely rigid and designed to make people feel guilty or weak regarding their lifestyle choices.  When I have an initial consultation with a prospective client I tell them that it’s my job to make sure fitness slots comfortably into their lives and is something they enjoy. The same with their diets – food is a gift and losing weight doesn’t have to mean losing the things you like eating.  I’m a HUGE believer in working hard and playing hard; a disciplined routine with no room for variety just isn’t for me.


TBE - One Year In

I cannot BELIEVE it was a year ago that I started Trained By Eleanor and started working as a PT. It’s been one of the most fulfilling, exhilarating, tough, emotional, rewarding, crazy years of my life. I’d like to thank everyone who has trained with me, supported me, read one of my blogs or posts, liked something I’ve posted on Facebook, emailed me, asked me a question or answered one that I had for you. Really, truly and seriously – you are what makes me tick and however dreamy this dream-job is, I couldn’t do it without you.

I’m not going to write about why you should hire a personal trainer or start thinking about getting into fitness. Instead I’ve written something which I hope will inspire anyone who feels stuck in a rut, who is thinking about starting a new journey, be it fitness, work-related or otherwise, or just that life needs a bit of a makeover. These are the most valuable things I’ve learnt since I took control of my life – I hope one of them encourages you to do the same.


1.     Believe in yourself.

Change is a scary thing. It’s easy to focus on all the things that might go wrong and the things which you know will maybe alter things for the worst – money, free-time, social life etc. But trust me when I say – if you want something badly enough, you WILL make it happen. You WILL adjust to your new situation and you WILL make the best of it. Don’t let doubt prevent you from doing something that you love. TRY. If it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world and you never know what you might learn. Ignore the negatives – they’re not important…..


2.     Be Positive

I’ve always considered myself quite a positive person but this is the year that particular attribute has really come into play. And actually, you’ll find that the improvement in your quality of life really aids your ability to be positive.  Count your blessings, often.


3.     Take every opportunity

Not long after I first started the business I got offered a chance to work with a brand who I wasn’t sure was a good match for mine. I asked the advice of a few people I trust and realized it was be silly not to take this opportunity. Not only was it an amazing experience, but I earned a client who is still with me all this time later.


4.     Make sacrifices – and embrace them

There are many things, both material and otherwise, that you might have to sacrifice in order to reach your goals. It’s the nature of the beast. Yes, I have less money to treat myself to things like clothes and shoes – but when I can afford to treat myself to something, it’s the best feeling ever.


5.     Be realistic

Being positive doesn’t mean being unrealistic about the way things are. I’d be lying if I said that working for yourself is the easiest option. There are still rules, and unexpected twists and turns. For example, during this, my first year of business, I’ve had to save 25% of my profits to pay for a big ole’ tax bill. THE GLAMOUR!


6.     Be proactive, not reactive

A friend of mine gave me this absolutely invaluable piece of advice when I first started out. There’s always a LOT to be done in the world of TBE and I make sure I make lists, work hard, chase, enquire, stay hungry and keep on top of things. The work sadly doesn’t do itself but the harder you work, the greater the pay-off. Don’t sit around waiting for things to improve – MAKE IT HAPPEN.


7.     Ask questions

I am constantly asking for advice from others. We never know it all and we NEVER stop learning. There are people I go to for help with fitness, nutrition, business, my people skills, and many MANY other subjects. Don’t be afraid to ask and act on the answers you receive. In the same sentence…..


8.     Trust your instinct

This is no-one else’s journey but yours.


9.     Aim high

Keep reaching for more. Nothing is impossible when it comes to what you want to achieve. Remember your goals and why you did what you did and keep striving to maintain the new life you have made for yourself. However big or small your goals are – it doesn’t make them any less important.



Every now and again I make sure I take time to realise how far I’ve come and how much I’ve achieved. It’s totally fine to have a little boast every now and again in ALL walks of life! To everyone who is reading this – CONGRATULATIONS on being YOU – no-one else does it better and no-one else ever will. You are AMAZING: then, now, and always.

Some Hope

There’s one question I get asked, by both clients and non-clients alike, more than anything else; ‘when will I see results’?

I don’t have a definitive answer for this, because there isn’t one. But I can tell you that, as long as you stay focused and don’t give up, you WILL see them.

Each and every one of our bodies responds differently to various different types of foods and workouts. You might need to try a few combinations to find a pattern that is effective for you. Then there’s your metabolism to take into account. There are no certs – although it’s common, people who have more weight to lose won’t necessarily lose it quicker than those who don’t.

Now here comes the hope – the certainties, what I can guarantee you will happen. If you keep exercising, and eating well, you WILL reach your goals. No matter how slowly the changes happen, they WILL happen. Each and every time you nail a workout, eat a healthy home-cooked meal and remind yourself how far you’ve come you’re one step closer to hitting your target. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You can dance, run, box, pump, climb or spin your way to the top. You can exercise early, late, alone, with someone, inside, outside or up a tree. Just keep moving.

As you progress, there may be extra changes that you start making as you become fitter and stronger. You might need to start adding weights when your body-weight becomes too easy for you to carry. Once you’ve adapted to your initial dietary adjustments, you might start to make more. My point is – start small, and you’ll only get better and gain more momentum.

Finally, and most important of all – don’t let ANYTHING hold you back. One missed workout or a pizza + wine night DO NOT equal one stone weight gain. In fact since you’re working so hard, you’ve earned that rest and those calories. Keep climbing, keep smiling and one day you’ll wake up, look in the mirror, and that you you’ve been looking for will be looking right backatcha. 

News + Views

Happiness Rules

Over breakfast a few days ago I read a feature which discussed cynicism, or the lack thereof, observed in London recently (read the full article here: The author lamented our transgression from negative, narrow-minded piss-takers to happy clappy hippies, high-kicking our way through exercise classes and beaming at fellow shoppers in Tesco with an energy not normally in keeping with our usual moany old outlook on life.

As someone who has a fairly sunny disposition I would say this – life is TOUGH. As mentioned in the article – house prices are huge, work is long, kids are snotty, weather is HORRENDOUS. So if you want to be chirpy you go ahead and BE CHIRPY. Go to that insanely mega-happy workout, smile for no reason, do kind things and accept compliments when they are paid. It might not fully distract you from your mortgage, but it’s a start.


Small brag – as I’ve got fitter and stronger it’s becoming harder for me to find workouts that really push me apart from swimming and trail running. So I was delighted to discover the almighty Dom who I train with on Sunday, and Barry’s Bootcamp which I have been meaning to check out for years.

Spending so much time instructing others, it’s great to be told what to do and how to do it by experienced fitness professionals. Not only do I feel stronger and fitter but I’m learning so much about my own role as a PT. Now if only I could find a trainer to make me better at dealing with this HORRID COLD WEATHER.


I’ve added a few testimonials at the bottom of my homepage. Nothing but nothing makes me happier than a text or email from a client telling me their abs or legs are sore – it’s like telling a regular person they look 10 years younger.  Check them out here and see you next time!


A very personal (and I admit a little controversial) heroine of mine once reminded us that ‘the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself’ and in all my 31 years on this earth, nothing has ever rang truer for me. Self-worth is such an important part of our existence – it affects all our other relationships; with our families, friends, lovers, colleagues, our bodies, our minds and our souls. I’m not talking about arrogance, but a much purer, more deserved emotion – the belief that you are a good person who does good things.

Confidence eludes some people for their whole lives. The causes for this may run deep and require help from any number of sources, but as a personal trainer I’m often faced with clients who, for whatever reason, have been made to feel that their bodies aren’t good enough.  So many of us believe that the answer to happiness is related to weight-loss – but I can tell you for certain, it doesn’t matter what you see when you step onto the scales; happiness will come when you put everything you don’t like to one side and concentrate on the things you DO love about yourself. Some examples might include your loyalty, your honesty, your ambition, your intelligence – none of these things will change with your weight – they are here to stay.

We all have days when we have trouble loving ourselves. Very often people with low self-confidence will undertake a hobby such as running as a way of tangibly bettering themselves time after time. But take a step back and imagine your life without your job, your runs, or anything that you feel may define you. Are you still an interesting, awesome person? OF COURSE YOU ARE. It’s a tough job stripping away everything that shapes you – but you’re so much more than just those elements. You’re YOU – and you’re you before you’re anything else; a doctor, a mother, a father, a wife, an assistant, a sibling, a CEO. Get right down to the nitty-gritty of who you are – and LOVE that person.

Love is one of those things there will never, ever be enough of.  Love is infinite – and that includes self-love. As I said earlier it isn’t egotism, it isn’t being up yourself. It’s being safe in the knowledge that you are, and will continue to be, the best you possible. Don’t be afraid to say ‘I’M GREAT’.

NB: For those who don’t know – the quote at the beginning is a part of Carrie Bradshaw’s very last words from the final episode of Sex & The City. Full quote below. I HEART CARRIE.

“Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.”