HIIT/Weights/Cardio - Changing Your Body

I've been trying to work on my upper body strength (arms, back and shoulders) and I'm finally starting to see some progress! It's a commitment improving your musculature but seeing results always helps spur me on to my next weight session. 

There are many reasons people exercise, be they mental, physical or emotional. Different strokes for different folks. But a runner wouldn't try and gain muscle by running, just as a bodybuilder wouldn't try and lose weight by lifting heavier. I love my runs for clearing my heads and improving my cardio fitness, HIIT for a combined muscular endurance + speed workout, and weight sessions for sculpting and shaping my body. When YOU tell me what area you want to improve on, I'll specially tailor your workout to fit your goals. 

The before picture was taken when nearly all I did fitness-wise was run. And I should add - there is NOTHING wrong with this, just as there was NOTHING wrong with my old arm. Not everyone wants to be muscly, and that is GREAT. But, out of curiosity more than anything else, I began to explore different ways of exercising, the change I began to see was something I wanted to develop further. Skinny-arm Eleanor was just as good as Muscly-arm Eleanor. And the same goes for YOU. You're amazing the way you are. But if you fancy making a few changes, I'm here for you. 

E x