Some Hope

There’s one question I get asked, by both clients and non-clients alike, more than anything else; ‘when will I see results’?

I don’t have a definitive answer for this, because there isn’t one. But I can tell you that, as long as you stay focused and don’t give up, you WILL see them.

Each and every one of our bodies responds differently to various different types of foods and workouts. You might need to try a few combinations to find a pattern that is effective for you. Then there’s your metabolism to take into account. There are no certs – although it’s common, people who have more weight to lose won’t necessarily lose it quicker than those who don’t.

Now here comes the hope – the certainties, what I can guarantee you will happen. If you keep exercising, and eating well, you WILL reach your goals. No matter how slowly the changes happen, they WILL happen. Each and every time you nail a workout, eat a healthy home-cooked meal and remind yourself how far you’ve come you’re one step closer to hitting your target. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You can dance, run, box, pump, climb or spin your way to the top. You can exercise early, late, alone, with someone, inside, outside or up a tree. Just keep moving.

As you progress, there may be extra changes that you start making as you become fitter and stronger. You might need to start adding weights when your body-weight becomes too easy for you to carry. Once you’ve adapted to your initial dietary adjustments, you might start to make more. My point is – start small, and you’ll only get better and gain more momentum.

Finally, and most important of all – don’t let ANYTHING hold you back. One missed workout or a pizza + wine night DO NOT equal one stone weight gain. In fact since you’re working so hard, you’ve earned that rest and those calories. Keep climbing, keep smiling and one day you’ll wake up, look in the mirror, and that you you’ve been looking for will be looking right backatcha. 


We’ve spent pretty much all of 2015 reminding ourselves and each other of the positive feelings associated with exercise. Why we should do it, when we should do it, why we shouldn’t not do it. Any one familiar with the saying ‘The only workout you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do’? And then there’s my favourite of these passive-aggressive ‘motivational’ soundbites – ‘No Excuses’.

I admit it – I’m guilty of using this dirty little hash-tag. There are so many of these and others like it (#nodaysoff, #neverquit etc) but I’m fairly certain that you, like me, have gotten pretty bored of one too many shredded fitness models telling me that I’m weak and feeble because a hangover, torrential rain or some quality time with my friends and family take precedent over a workout.

The fact is, if I myself have the odd excuse not to exercise, I can’t tell my clients that they can’t have their own. There are plenty of reasons you might decide not to push yourself into a workout – illness, fatigue, injury, muscle pain. You might have family commitments which leave you without any time to workout – mums in particular seem to be an easy target for fitness professionals who think that there is #noexcuse for finding time in the day to burn calories. Only YOU know what your body, your time and your energy can fit in and there’s no place for anyone who tells you that your excuses don’t matter.

On the flipside – I wouldn’t be any good at my job if I encouraged people to excuse themselves out of getting fit over and over again. You know when you’ve run out of reasons for starting to take better care of yourself, and when you reach that point, I’m here for you.  You’ll be #betterforit – now there’s a hashtag I think we can all get on board with! 

Failure - And Why You Don't Need To Worry About It

A couple of blogs ago I talked about our Comfort Zones and why reaching this stage can be de-motivating for both clients and trainers alike. This week I’d like to go back in time and discuss a far more common fear around weight-loss and fitness, a fear that can engulf you before you even begin contemplating exercise, and a fear than can and does frequently put people off exercising at all – the fear of Failure.

With any journey you embark on there is always a chance that you may fail. Everyone, including the fittest of us all, will experience disappointment in some form. It could be a weight-loss or gain plateau, a failure to lift heavier from one week to the next, a diet-related fall off the wagon, regression in form due to injury or illness, the list is endless.

If you fail – remember two things. The first is that everyone, even that super-sexy model you follow on social media, has days were they don’t stick to a regime. We’re humans, not robots, and the road to fitness is never going to be a perfectly smooth one. I actually think that’s the beauty of training – a step back can be the encouragement you need to push farther and dig deeper next time.

Secondly – failure is relative. You’ve only failed if you think you have. You could choose to perceive a chocolate binge or a slower 5k PB as a step back or you could choose to look at the bigger picture and realise that it’s A-OK to afford yourself some down-time, and that by deciding to change the way you live is success in itself – as long as you stay focused, love yourself and recognise how awesome it is each and every time you achieve something, those times when you think you ‘failed’ will become an important part of your path to better health. 

A good trainer will never let you feel like you've failed. A good trainer will embrace every step you take, be it forward or backward. A good trainer will help you in any way they can to get you back on track and remind you how far you've come <3