PT's vs Fitness 'Gurus'

Please do excuse what I believe is my first ‘rant’-y blog piece, although this is just as much a piece of advice as it is a rant. My advice is to anyone thinking about investing in their fitness, and why they should choose a properly qualified trainer and not a filmed workout video or package deal by a celebrity calling themselves a ‘fitness guru’.

There are HEAPS of workouts by TV personalities out there and you will notice something they all have in common – every one of them appears on film accompanied by a personal trainer. This is a legality for the sole reason that people who aren’t qualified to train one-on-one cannot do so. You legally cannot call yourself a personal trainer unless you have taken the appropriate exams and so many people are getting round this by using the term ‘guru’ or ‘expert’. Gaining the PT title is a big investment and we do it so we can safely and effectively guide you towards your goals.

I didn’t know what to expect before I started studying for my PT quals. Maybe a bit of physical, a few endurance tests, some written work and basic health and safety?

The reality of course was quite different. We were tested rigourously, physically, verbally and mentally every 2 weeks on human biology, the principles of exercise, business acumen and several different types of workout disciplines. Every other weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from 8:30am until 5:30pm, we alternated between the gym and our classroom, our brains overwhelmed by the amount of information we needed to retain in order to pass our exams. It was only when these exams were over (and there were many of them), following an almost heart-breaking amount of revision and an even more upsetting amount of nights at the pub sacrificed, that we could finally call ourselves Personal Trainers.

There are so many things that a personal trainer can give you that an electronic workout out can’t. For a start you’ll be in the hands of someone proficient in Health & Safety, who can judge your exertion levels and progress or regress the workout on the spot and accordingly. Each session is different and tailored to suit your goals and the rate at which you are progressing. If you’re not a people-person, all you need to do is tell us and we’ll make sure we communicate with you appropriately. We can email you extra workouts to complete between sessions and text you encouragement.  You’ll walk away with not only a better body but all the necessary information you’ll need to create your own workouts when you’re by yourself.

I am by no means calling these ‘famous’ people’s passion for a healthy lifestyle into question, or their commitment to spreading the word about the benefits of regular exercise. But the premise they are selling these short workouts on isn’t accurate. You can’t firm up your bum in 3 minutes or get a flat tummy in 8. To lose weight or gain muscle and maintain lasting results you need a carefully thought out regime, by a proper professional, that is designed specifically for you and you only. They don’t call us ‘personal’ trainers for nothing!

So please do consider putting your health in the hands of someone like me. I can promise you that it will be worth your while.