Have you ever heard the saying 'Abs Are Made In The Kitchen'? It's the truth. What you eat is equally if not more important to your lifestyle and your body as your workouts.

There are absolutely millions of theories about what is healthy and what isn't and as your nutritionist it's my job to help you sift through the rubbish and find an eating plan that suits you. I can promise you now that a TBE diet plan will be full of delicious, easy recipes and won't leave you bankrupt or starving. I'll never advise you that you need to burn off every calorie you consume or only eat carbs at breakfast.

A lot of people want to know what kind of food I eat - I follow a largely plant-based diet, with the occasional burger, bar of chocolate or piece of cheese thrown in. I don't count my calories, I drink beer and my favourite snack is peanut butter straight from the jar. What's important is to listen to your body and ENJOY what you eat - food is a gift not a punishment!