My story is quite an organic one - there was no real significant moment which spurred me on to a healthier lifestyle - but there was a time where I wasn't as conscientious about my well-being. My body was no temple; I regularly stretched it to its limits with frequent partying, alcohol and weekend-long sugar binges. I had dull skin and hair, was often moody and highly strung and quick to lose my temper. Aside from the occasional run or gym-class with a friend, I didn't partake in much physical activity.

I began to take care of myself after one too many late nights and as my diet improved I had more energy and began to exercise more. At first I was a cardio addict, but then a move from West to East London and a subsequent lack of a gym membership meant I started exploring body weight and HIIT training. My ideas around working out were revolutionised as I began to see changes in my body and now I can easily fit my workout into half an hour if I need to. I only run once a week, more for the headspace than anything else.

I became a Personal Trainer because I want to help people easily debunk all the myths surrounding fitness and diet that I had to. Helping people discover a lifestyle which makes them not only look healthier but feel more positive, confident and in control is the most important thing in the world to me.

Being a PT has enabled me to work as a fitness model, writer and social influencer for brands such as Your Healthy Living magazine, Woman & Home, PT Magazine, Health Bloggers Community, Hackney Magazine, SlimFast, TomTom, Dress Like A Mum, Asics and Blok. 

I'd like to dedicate this website to my brother John - an inspiration, amazing athlete and incredible friend.