Hello and welcome! I'm Eleanor, I'm an L3 PT and Nutritionist covering as much of London as possible. You can find out more about me in the 'About Eleanor' section of the website but for now let's talk about YOU. What are your goals? What do you enjoy? Why are you making a change? How can I help you achieve it? 

The way I train doesn't involve exercising for hours and eating 3 bland meals a day. I don't just want to get you in shape, I want to make you HAPPY. There are a million different ways to be healthier, but the most important thing is balance - because when you find balance, your body will be at peace and you will look and feel FABULOUS. The path to well-being is a long one; in some cases (mine included!) it never stops. 

But how does your journey start? That's where I come in. With the right training, the right food and most important the right attitude, you'll be well on the way to a better, brighter you. 

So please read on - check out 'Train With Eleanor' for how I can help with your fitness and exercise regime, 'Eat With Eleanor' for what I'm cooking, eating and why, and 'Eleanor's Blog' for ramblings on everything from dogs to doughnuts. To get in touch please click 'Contact Eleanor'. 

Much love, Me x


'Training with Eleanor is one of the best bits of my week. She's supportive, understanding and so bloody good at what she does'. - Aisling

'After a days work I sometimes feel pretty rubbish but after yesterday's session with Eleanor I feel great. Although my quads are on fire!' - Olivia

'Eleanor is an amazing trainer - fun and very effective. Some of her moves killed me!' - Ed

'Couldn't lift my arms after today's session with Eleanor. She's great!' - Kate

'I had my last session with Eleanor today and I feel so much stronger than I did before. She's pushed me to do things I would have never done on my own and I've had fun and stayed motivated throughout. Highly recommended'. - Zoe